shutterstock_257264845_klein“Regenerative Medicine” is a very recent and highly promising field of modern veterinary and human medicine with the goal of going away from a “reparative” form of medicine to a “regenerating” form of medicine to be able to achieve lasting improvements for the patients.


Cytokines are proteins that regulate the growth and differentiation of cells. Cytokines are a group of peptides, which mainly initiate or regulate the growth, the proliferation and differentiation of target cells.

Some cytokines are accordingly known as growth factors, the others play an important role for immunological reactions and for inflammatory processes. These can be described as newly formed substances, so‐called mediators. There are essentially five main groups of cytokines: Interferon’s, interleukins, colony stimulating factors, tumor necrosis factors and chemokines.

Cytokines are steadily gaining importance in medicine and in cellular biology.

GOLDIC® -­ Technology

Here a small quantity from the animals’ own blood is taken and then it is prepared through a process with the help of specially designed gold particles. The shape, number, surface, concentration and size of the gold particles play a decisive role here. In this process, the regenerative factors (cytokines and various growth factors) from the animals own body are filtered and concentrated. This optimized solution (serum) produced naturally in the body is then injected in the painful area (defective zone) without any other additives. The objective is to stimulate the body’s own power in such a way that damaged or injured tissue can be regenerated. This is done with the help of stem cells from the body itself, which are activated and differentiated. Regeneration of tissue is possible. Main focuses of our today’s development are alternative therapies for veterinary problems of the musculoskeletal system.